Kidnap case turns to N.Y. and 72-foot catamaran boat named "Serenity"

Have you seen them?

From the Boston Herald..."Boston police and the FBI announced this afternoon they now believe Clark Rockefeller may have headed to Long Island, N.Y., with his kidnapped 7-year-old daughter Reigh with the intention of boarding his recently purchased boat called “Serenity.”

Police said Rockefeller, 48, and the child may have been dropped off at Grand Central Station in New York City about 7:30 last night after the alleged abduction on Marlborough Street in Boston.

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Seth Johnson in New York said the Serenity is a 72-foot catamaran capable of traveling long distances, but it’s unclear where the boat was even moored.

“We’ve been in contact with the local marinas in New York and Long Island, asking them to be our eyes and spotters,” Johnson said. In addition, the Coast Guard dispatched a Falcon jet over Long Island Sound to search for the Serenity, he said.

Sources have told the Herald Clark Rockefeller may be headed toward Bermuda.

As authorities hunt for the girl, a portrait is emerging of the girl’s high-society, Ivy-League educated mother and her eccentric dad who for a time lived in multi-million dollar Beacon Hill brownstone.

State police this morning cancelled the Amber Alert for little Reigh, nicknamed “Snooks” who was allegedly snatched by her father, during a custodial visit yesterday. The Amber Alert was cancelled because of a lack of descriptive information about the black suburban-style SUV that picked up the dad after he allegedly abducted his daughter and sped off with her...."

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Interesting..thanks for sharing.
Yes, it hasn't been very public. My father called me the other day to ask if I heard about it. He always calls me with any boating news that he hears about- (it's so cute that he does that).

I just hope that Reigh is found. Who knows, maybe a Seaknots member will spot them...
This would be much more interesting if we had a detailed description, photos, etc. of the boat, father, and child. Large catamarans are still rare, but boat names/colors can be easily changed, where as make/model can't.
I agree - I emailed Jessica who wrote the article to see if there were any additional details. 72' catamarans do stand out though. If she ever responds I will be sure to share the details.
Thank God my boat "Serenity", a 27 foot Catalina monohull, can't be confused with that Catamaran!
Well im afraid since I am nowhere near the East Coast ...I cant comment much on this other than I hope the child is safe & not in any danger. Its sad to see these types of things go on ...even when the parents come from wealthy scenarios! We can all hope this is simply a power play to see who ends up with the child ...Too bad none of it will be particularly in the best interest of the child in the long run.
Great news! Reigh was found safe and unharmed. Rockefeller was caught in Baltimore. He was hiding out in an apartment - and had a 26' catamaran close by.

Click here for the full story.
Fugitive father caught in Baltimore

"An international manhunt for a New England man accused of kidnapping his 7-year-old daughter a week ago came to an end yesterday afternoon when FBI agents arrested the fugitive and rescued the girl in Mount Vernon, officials said.

FBI agents were tipped off to the presence of a man known as Clark Rockefeller by a real estate agent who leased him a carriage house in Baltimore, according to a police source familiar with the investigation.

The source spoke to The Sun on condition of anonymity because the kidnapping case is being handled by federal authorities.

At a news conference last night in Boston, officials said that federal agents have been watching Rockefeller's Baltimore residence for "a couple of days" and also located his 26-foot catamaran docked at a city marina...."
This is a picture of his catamaran at the city marina in Baltimore:

Clark Rockefeller's boat was located on Pier F in the Baltimore Inn...
Hey thanks for sharing the picture of the boat,
Seems like Clark got his numbers backward - his dream yacht was around 27, not around 72 feet.
If any of you people knew what family court does to Dad's and the children they love, you would understand why the guy did what he did.

I look at this case and say what type of a system would drive a man to steal his own kid.

I lost my Dad thru this so called family court system and I lost my daughter to the same system.

As far as I am concerned, family court is the single largest social ill in modern society.

I hope the guy doen't lose the rest of his life, he's lost his kid..
Good point......I think they consider in some cases if the husband was an abuser etc...or molester...we don't know the complete story. I do think men get a bum rap...right down to paying for a date...I go dutch...and no one has to be expecting a pay off.....


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